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Informations about Tenerife


Tenerife North Airport

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    Los Rodeos (TFN)

The Tenerife North Airport Named: "Los Rodeos" is located in the north of the island, in the municipality of La Laguna and 26 kilometers from Puerto de la Cruz. This airport, one of the two that Tenerife has, is mainly used for inter-island and national flights, although several international flights also operate.

Tenerife South Airport

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    Reina Sofia (TFS)

The Tenerife South Airport Named: "Reina Sofia" is located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona and 91 kilometers from Puerto de la Cruz. From here more than 150 airlines operate inter-island, national and international flights.

How to get to Puerto de la Cruz

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If you prefer to drive yourself, you can choose to rent the vehicle of your choice, be it motorcycles, cars, minibuses, commercial vehicles.


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    Public Buses (Titsa)

  • Line 30: North Airport – Puerto de la Cruz – North Airport
  • Line 343: South Airport – Puerto de la Cruz – South Airport
  • Line 111: South Airport – Interchange S/C de Tenerife – South Airport
  • Line 103: Interchange S/C – Puerto de la Cruz – Interchange S/C
    You can find daily updated information on the website


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    Public Taxis

Always take a taxi at the rank marked in the passenger terminal and avoid taxi drivers who offer their services outside this point. Demand the invoice for any claim. Rate: approximately TFN €40, TFS – €130