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Call for papers


In zoological institutions and in the field, aquatic mammals’ experts make the difference in animal welfare, science, education and conservation.

13th – 15th of March 2024

Since the early 1950s, aquatic animals’ zoological experts contribute significantly to better understand the complex lives of these fascinating creatures, share their passion with millions of visitors and make the difference in protecting pinnipeds, cetaceans and sirenians.

Today, the continuous effort to understand their social life, their physiology, their health, their cognitive abilities and their complex learning has never been so important to ensure their well-being and respect their needs ex situ and in situ. As part of the One Plan approach (OPA), zoos play an essential and recognized role in the protection of biodiversity and its promotion to the public and the authorities.

Technological developments and scientific discoveries made possible and shared by zoological institutions housing cetaceans shed light on the way animals react to an increasingly disrupted natural environment.

Zoological experts in care, behavior, physiology, and educators of aquatic animals are inventive and work in their respective institutions on tomorrow's solutions.

Once a year, EAAM provides a unique opportunity for pinniped, cetacean and sirenian specialists to come together and share their most recent discoveries and successes.

This year, our 52nd Annual Symposium will be held on
March 13-15, 2024, in Tenerife, Spain

A unique opportunity to interact with inspiring guests and share our latest advances in marine mammal science and technology, our innovations in veterinary care and animal training, our successes in conservation and education!

As a trainer, educator, scientist, conservationist, you are part of the marine mammal community. Every day you do things that really makes the difference for animals. You are the real activists!”.

Martin Böye
Président-Elect EAAM

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